Punctuation: Dialogue Tags

The following instructional content contains inappropriate sentences from Patient Lee’s work in progress, “The Pious Hotwives’ Club.”

Master Quotationator

How would you like to become a Master Quotationator? You can earn this fabulous, sparkly badge from Patient Lee if you do two things.

  1. Become a member at Patientlee.com. It’s free, and someday it will be worth it. I’ll give away something awesome. I swear. (If you’re not a member, I can’t give you this amazing badge.)
  2. Get 80% or better on the Dialogue Tags Post Test. Start with the pretest below. Print your results or keep them open in another window while you watch the following instructional videos and check your work. You might also print out the note packet below. Then take the post test. No cheating.

Step 1: Pretest

The sentences are from my work in progress, “The Pious Hotwives’ Club.” It’s about a group of Catholic moms who discuss “mommy porn” at their book club and realize there might be more to life than monogamy.

Step 2: Download the Note Packet

Step 3: Watch the Videos. Take Notes.

Video 1: Intro

Video 2: Tag, Dialogue & Dialogue, Tag

Video 3: Dialogue, Tag, Dialogue

Video 4: More Shtuff about Quotation Marks

Video 5: Even More Shtuff

Step 4: Any Questions?

Think about it. Anything you don’t understand? Anything you don’t agree with? Punctuation isn’t a science, after all. It’s more of an art. Anything you want to discuss? Send me an email.

Step 5: Take the Post Test

It’s the same as the pretest. I’m grading it this time! If you get 80% or above (and you’re a member at http://www.patientlee.net/forum), I’ll reward you with the super-sparkly Master Quotationator badge! Just keep in mind that the sentences have no punctuation on the test, so it’s possible to interpret them differently which changes the punctuation. If your answer doesn’t match mine, let’s discuss it. Maybe you’ll teach me something!

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