Punctuation: Dialogue Tags

Master Quotationator How would you like to become a Master Quotationator? You can earn this fabulous, sparkly badge from Patient Lee if you do two things. Become a member at Patientlee.com. It’s free, and someday it will be worth it. I’ll give away something awesome. I swear. (If you’re not a member, I can’t give […]

Smutty Grammar Tip: Hyphenate Compound Numbers

When writing fiction, you’ll usually write out numbers up to a hundred in words instead of digits. There’s a lot of variation between style manuals on this, but the most important thing is consistency within the work. I usually use digits if the number is three words or more (but not at the beginning of the sentence).

Editing Erotica

“It’s just erotica. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation (GSP) don’t matter, right?” Wrong. One of my erotica-writing friends, Bucky Duckman, told me that when he first started writing erotica, this was his attitude. He learned quickly that not only are erotica readers pretty smart people, they are also, in many cases, the self-appointed Grammar Police. They […]

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